Do you dare disturb the universe?


Yes, I Dare

T.S. Eliot


The poet T.S. Eliot: Narcissistic, brilliant, an outsider. Gay but in the closest. Will he dare come out of the closet?  How far will he go, and who will he be willing to sacrifice, to further his career and gain public acceptance?




Loosely modeled on Jean Verdenal, Jack is Eliot’s out and proud gay lover. He is caring, compassionate, and sensitive but he fails to recognize the degree to which society will be willing to punish him for being gay.




Eliot’s wife Vivienne Haigh-Wood is colorful, naive, lovable, and infatuated with her dream husband Eliot. Until she discovers that he has no interest in her beyond a safety wife at social functions. When she becomes depressed, lonely, and  troublesome–Eliot commits her to a pauper’s lunatic asylum.


Additional Characters

Ezra Pound

Eliot’s friend, editor, and fellow poet. Flamboyant but not gay.


J. Alfred Prufrock, everything the proper English gentleman should be.


Eliot’s creation Rev. Hammond makes it clear that gay men go to hell.


Eliot’s creation Madame Sosostris, the gypsy fortune teller.

King Bolo

Eliot’s creation King Bolo advises him to “Live a Life of Sin.”

Queen Bolo

Eliot’s creation Queen Bolo leads the Bolo entourage.


How far would you go for fame, fortune, and public acceptance? Set in a Gatsby inspired early twentieth century London and within a painted reality created within Eliot’s mind and populated by his characters, this musical takes us on a fantastic journey of discovery and destruction. . . A journey to T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland.


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